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Back Country Paintball Off Site Rental Package $40

Semi Auto Paintball Marker
Full High Pressure Air Tank
Gravity Feed Hopper
Paintball Mask

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Rental is for 3 days. Subject to availability.
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Fill station and bulk air scuba tanks available for rental.
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Paint Balls

Bag of 500 Paintballs or

Box of 2000 Paintballs

Paintball marker maintenance and repair

Setting up your own field or developing a camp that offers paintball games? Give us a call for expert advise and support.

At Back Country Paintball we also offer;

Fill Center for all your CO2 Needs (by Appointment only – Contact us directly)

Custom Orders on Paintball Markers, Equipment & Supplies.

CO2 for beer and carbonation dispensers


While paintballs are non-toxic and fully water soluable they can stain some types of fabric, especially if it is not washed out in a timely manner. You’ll also be running around in the woods and possibly crawling around on the ground. It’s a good idea to wear comfortable older clothing that can get dirty and a little beat up. You should also wear a pair of shoes or boots that offer good support and grip when running. Gloves are a good idea to protect your hands.
Yes it is very safe. It is mineral oil with a vegetable dye and the shells of a paintball are gelatine just like a Contact C capsule. The paintballs are manufactured by pharmaceutical manufacturers. Most paint will wash out with a normal machine wash, although some paintballs used in tournament play are filled with a much brighter and vibrant fill and may require more attention and even pre-soaking. We recommend that you don’t wear your Sunday best.
Paintball markers be set (chronographed) at no higher than 270 feet per second. At this speed the feeling is very similar to being snapped by a rubber band. Anything above this setting will sting and hurt. At Back Country Paintball we offer FREE chronographing (or setting) of the speed of your paintball marker.
You can purchase CO2 or pressurized air (HPA) fills at Back Country Paintball Pro Shop. All tanks must have a valid hydro date and be TC Stamped for your safety and others.
If you are in town NO. You must check with your local law enforcement for accurate regulations?
Yes. An independent insurance company did a recent study that has shown that more people are injured during a one year period while playing Golf, Tennis and even Bowling than are injured while playing Paintball.
Yes. We accept cash and all major credit cards.
Markers are set to 270 fps or less. Do not turn up the speed of your marker once it is set. Even when you take your marker home adjusting this speed is an unsafe practice.
Unfortunately, the answer to that question isn’t very simple. CO2 is measured by weight, not pressure. Every CO2 tank weighs different than the next. Without knowing the exact weight of your CO2 tank completely empty we can’t do the math to figure out what you need. When you come to get your tank filled, please DO NOT discharge your tank! Bring it in with whatever is left. This will considerably speed the filling process.
While there is no way to stop your goggles from fogging 100% of the time there are three options that offer differing levels of success. Option 1. Use a little dish detergent on the lense then wipe it clean. This will help some.

Option 2. Upgrade to a thermal lense for your goggles. These are available at the Back Country Paintball Pro shop. The thermal lense works just like the thermal windows in your house there a two lenses that trap a neutral layer of air between them that helps prevent fogging.

Yes Back Country Paintball has packages available with any marker purchased. These packages contain everything the new player would need to get started.
No. CO2 is the most common form of propellant used however Compressed Air (HPA) is becoming more and more popular with experienced players.
HPA in its simplest form is the air that you are breathing. While CO2 is a liquid that expands into a gaseous state at rates that vary with ambient temperature, HPA is a stable and is not affected by temperature. It provides a much more consistent velocity from shot to shot which allows you to maintain the same trajectory from shot to shot thereby increasing the accuracy of your shots. The other added benefit to using HPA over CO2 is that it is a much cleaner which means less wear and tear on your marker.
Answer: Although this theory is correct when using a real firearm it in not correct in relation to paintball markers. After extensive testing by different manufactures in the paintball industry it was determined that the optimal length for a paintball barrel is between 12″ – 14″
It is not recommended that you clean your marker with out being shown the correct way. While every marker requires cleaning they each have certain things that must be, and more importantly MUST NOT be done to them. One of the benefits of shopping with Back Country Paintball is that every customer is shown at the time of purchase how to clean and maintain their particular marker. This service is provided free of charge. If you have purchased you marker elsewhere, on the Internet for instance, you can bring it to any Back Country Paintball Pro shop and for a modest fee we can show you how to properly care for it.
Although Back Country Paintball does not directly buy used equipment from players we will assist customers in finding buyers for used equipment.
We do not recommend purchasing paintballs anywhere but from a paintball store. Back Country Paintball gets paintballs FACTORY DIRECT! This is the FRESHEST you can buy. The fresher the paint, the better it shoots! Paintballs are perishable and have a limited shelf life. The older paintballs are, the less round they become and the more likely they are to break inside your paintball marker before they even leave the barrel. Lopsided paintballs also curve thru the air when shot rather than going straight to your target!


Paintball is a fantastic game for outdoor adventure. Through our many years operating the fields we truly loved seeing the fun that our guests had, enjoying such an exhilarating sport in the wild outdoors. We are happy to offer what you need to have all of this fun at your home, camp or cottage. We are excited to be part of the fun in Muskoka.

Don’t hesitate to call with any ideas that you may have on how to incorporate the fun of paintball into your next event or party.

Sincerely Tony and Kim Armstrong

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