Back Country Paintball in 2015 and beyond

Things are changing at Back Country. Starting this year we will no longer be offering paintball fields to play at. We will still have all of the High pressure Air, CO2, paintballs, and other supplies for your games at home and when your friends come to play we will have gear that you can rent to take home so that everyone can play.
The Armstrong family would like to thank everyone from Bracebridge and Muskoka and beyond that supported Back Country Paintball for the last 8 years. It has truly been a lot of fun. We have met some amazing people and made some lifelong friends. This part of our life will be with us forever. The memories and stories will make us laugh, smile and have a warm heart forever. We hope that your life too is a little better for being a part of paintball at Back Country.
So have fun playing in your back yard or bush lot and give us a call when you need more supplies.
Thanks again
Tony, Kim, Aaron, Brandon